increasingly, communication is about texture

quilting of our Connections

Thoughts born from Andy Swan’s addition of Tumblr:

More than anything else, what amazes me about the increasingly different communication means is how each and everyone has a distinct aesthetic and therefore value. There just are things you don’t best say on chat or FB or newsletter, or can’t say on Twttr, or text or long blog…as the texture of communication becomes more and more variegated, it seems that it will be about finding the right cloth for each of our interactions, and the right means of switching back and forth between them, filling out the patchwork topography of what we are trying to say. From main blog to Tumblr.

made as a comment to the short post.

Andy Swan » New tumblr for quick posts/finds.

As sometimes I recall, in Milton’s time a polyglot just never would write a good love poem in anything but Italian, and Milton did attempt the Italian love poem. Analogously such seems the case now, but instead of languages to choose from, it’s in even more dexterous spaces, speeds and published contexts.


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