very good rules-of-thumb derived from 2010 experience and theory

Matt puts up some really great lessons, observations he has had from the past year. Really outstanding stuff, each one worthy of a blog post or essay.

Social Learnings Of 2010.

* Transparency Of Intent = Authenticity

* The Big Bang Of Social adoption will necessarily segment into The Big Contraction of micro groups

* Monitoring and Collection tools must evolve basic insight capabilities to realize their true value

* Context is critical to evolution of social thought

* The bottom-up grassroots of social adoption must evolve to top-down strategic implementation

* Leveraging social concepts for internal collaboration breeds value equal to external efforts

* Advocacy is the only way to truly scale social media customer service and most effective way to market

* Culture shift, and its associated change management efforts are paramount

* The less sexy technologies facilitating cross-integration and connectivity become primary in social tool evolution (API, Middleware)

* Education in concepts, training in tools, and staffing in expertise becomes critically important to successful business adoption

via Top 10 Social Learnings Of 2010 – techguerilla talk.

Somehow he turned a top 1o list into an intellectual pleasure. Would love to turn to some of these for deeper analysis.


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