I just love the black hat ppc blog

I just LOVE the Black Hat blog. It’s everything a blog should be. It combines informative, interesting posts written by someone who clearly finds its micro-knowledge interesting. These sometimes highly technical observations and notes are coupled with a wonderful, plain design Branding that says just what it is, an easy, no frills approach that expresses the ethic of the work it represents, a nice touch of irony pervading the site (White hat vs. Black hat).

It’s honest, informed, exploratory, very commerce oriented without ever selling itself in tone or advisement (influenced of course by the specter of Google). It’s human without being affected. The tidbits and gems that fill its modestly presented posts reflect the active PPC mind/s behind. Even when the subject is not something I am focused on, I enjoy the quick read because I always feel like I might learn something (content) or learn something about how people go about learning sometime (what their process is).

Three cheers to the Black Hat.

Here: Black Hat PPC – All the latest Black Hat PPC tricks, tips, techniques and insider Google secrets!.


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