social media pollination – microscopic

Cross-pollination via Facebook and YouTube

Today, I mean exactly today, social media just strikes me as amazing. Of course there are the stunning, revolutionary developments in North Africa spurred on and made possible by the media, but then there are the little things. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife runs a small Facebook like page for her amateur Muay Thai endeavors – Muay Thai is the national sport and martial art of Thailand. Today on Facebook she was contacted by a woman she hadn’t spoken to much, who she had trained with in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She had many kind words for Sylvie, and as it turns out herself writes on Muay Thai in her native Chile. She mentioned a Peruvian female fighter never heard of over here in the West who when she fights dances a Caucasan war dance, the Lezginka. In one hour, Chiang Mai Thailand, Chile, Peru, the Caucasus are all interwoven through a variety of electric postings and comments, videos shared and micro-interests. Other female fighters saw the video of a female dancing in a male sport were moved, it was immediately reposted in North Carolina, and who else  knows where now. What is most interesting is how this is happening everywhere, in a proliferation that actually preserves differences, memories and heritages, and does not merely assimilate them.


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